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Data & Analytics Strategy for Business: Unlock Data Assets and Increase innovation with a results driven data strategy.

We thought you’d want more information on what we do and how we do it – so we wrote a book. It’s full of ideas that can be implemented with useful case studies. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, COO, Board member, investor, senior business leader, data & analytics leader or aspiring data leader this book has something in it for you. It’s the go to book for data & analytics.

Book summary

For many organizations data is a by-product, but for the smarter ones it is the heartbeat of their business. Most businesses have a wealth of data buried in their systems which, if used effectively, could increase revenue, reduce costs and risk and improve customer satisfaction and employee experience.

Beginning with how to choose projects which reflect your organization's goals and how to make the business case for investing in data, this book then takes the reader through the five 'waves' of organizational data maturity. It takes the reader from getting started on the data journey with some quick wins, to how data can help your business become a leading innovator which systematically outperforms competitors.

Data & Analytics Strategy for Business outlines how to build consistent, high-quality sources of data which will create business value and explores how automation, AI and machine learning can improve performance and decision making. Filled with real-world examples and case studies, this book is a stage-by-stage guide to designing and implementing a results-driven data strategy.

Using the book in your organisation.

Why not consider using the book as your company manual on data & analytics and give very employee a copy? It’s a great reference for business and data teams alike.

Copies of the book are available direct from the publisher:

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Don’t just take our word for the book, here what the critics had to say:

“In my experience taking people somewhere they’ve not been before requires leadership and trust, whether that’s climbing Everest or making a success of your business through the use of data & analytics. In Data & Analytics strategy for business, Simon cuts through the jargon and provides a clear route for success.”
Kenton Cool. With 15 successful Everest summits, Kenton is considered one of the world's greatest high altitude mountaineers and leaders. Kenton was the expedition leader behind Sir Ranulph Fiennes' North Face of the Eiger Ascent and Everest summit, helping raise almost £6m for Charity.

One of the benefits of going digital is that organisations can collect, review and analyse enormous quantities of data. Correctly interpreted this data provides the intelligence which enables a business to understand the consumer and marketplace in a completely new way. Successful organisations require a clear data strategy and a disciplined set of operational processes. Simon Asplen-Taylor shows in practical detail how to make this happen in the real world. He demonstrates that data is key but reveals that an effective data officer never loses sight of the commercial application and human element of the intelligence created.
Kevin Gaskell,
Serial entrepreneur, ex MD Porsche GB, BMW GB

“Brilliant book!  Genuinely the best and most readable book for existing and aspiring CDOs.  Every CEO should read the first chapter. Simon Asplen-Taylor has shared his significant expertise to create the go to data guide for business and data leaders.  Data & Analytics Strategy uses examples from a wide range of organisations to explain why data can revolutionise a business.  A genuinely good read, the book’s structure superbly guides the reader through all aspects of delivering a data & analytics strategy with vital tools and tips.  Whether your organisation is struggling with trust in its reports or ready to launch the bots, this book is for you.”
Nina Monckton. Head of Data, Just Group PLC.

“Businesses operate in an increasingly complex and fast moving environment, where making the right decision at the right time can mean the difference between winning and losing.  Key to this is the successful management and use data underpinned by a robust data strategy. Data & Analytics Strategy  provides a structured approach to show how you can succeed - whether you are just embarking on your journey, part way through or just fine tuning. The book is full of practical advice, anecdotes and experiences to help you win and not lose.”
Carl Bates. Ex Senior Partner, Data & Analytics and leader of Deloitte’s Ventures practice.

“One of the ways we can encourage women into data leadership roles is to provide the advice and methods to help remove barriers, whilst sponsoring next generation leaders. In Data & Analytics strategy for business, Simon Asplen-Taylor does just that. He has shared his experiences and strategies for success, to create a level playing field for all data leaders. He also talks specifically about how to build and leverage the strengths of a diverse team.”
Roisin McCarthy. Founder at Women in Data.

“As we strive to gain more value from our data assets, we create more risk, opportunity and motivation for breaches. Simon’s new book ‘Data & Analytics strategy for business’ provides amazing insight on how you can create more value in your organisations data whilst also ensuring its security! Highly recommend.”
Ned Finn. CISO Currys.

“A very interesting book in such an important and contemporary area of knowledge and skills. Data Analytics is not just an area of knowledge that you need to learn more about, but it is considered to be a crucial skill kit that is required for every business. Therefore, this book is a great addition to the intellectual body of knowledge that can help students, especially those studying post experience executive programmes, such as MBAs and DBAs, to gain clear insights of the key elements of business analytics and to acquire the required set of skills to compete in the changing world of practice”
Professor Amir Michael, Professor of Accounting & Associate Dean (MBA, DBA), Durham University Business School, UK

“The world of a Chief Data Officer requires a full understanding of how a business operates, the sector it works within and the people involved. Simon’s book gives a fine insight into the approaches, decisions and specific actions a CDO can use to bring real value to your organisation, and make it a critical part of your business strategy.”
Helen Crooks, Chief Data Officer, Ofgem

Beyond his remarkable expertise across all the complexities of today’s data sphere, this book clearly demonstrates Simon’s mastery of the art of data storytelling. Yet, what makes it even more compelling is that it is so helpfully structured in waves that align to the variety of levels across the entire data maturity spectrum - making it instantly transformative regardless of where an organisation currently finds itself in its data journey. This book is an absolute essential for anyone who wants to successfully leverage the abundant value that can be derived from data and analytics.”
- Edosa Odaro, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Tawuniya and Author of Making Data Work

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