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The proper use of data can increase the value of your business through accurate actionable insights or automation that leads to an increase in revenue, reduction in costs, reduction in risk, and an improvement in customer experience.

DataTick advises Boards, Senior Business Executives & CIOs to help your organisation achieve its potential from data. We are business focussed and our goal is to ensure that the technical and data activities are fully aligned to your business goals and KPI’s. We will deliver a data strategy that ensures you have full transparency on how data can help deliver your business goals.

This is underpinned by our ability to leverage the following data disciplines: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Quality Management, Real time decisioning, Organisational Data skills, Data Architecture, and building out your data infrastructure.  Data problems usually require a combination of all these aspects of data working in unison. 

We can help you create a greenfield site data team, fix an underperforming data team, ensure that your existing data capabilities are aligned to the business, ensure that your data underpins your artificial intelligence or data science ambitions, deliver a data workstream as part of a business transformation, or unite data teams from an acquisition.

Our unique, business focussed, approach in this area is to ensure that you control your own success and to ensure this we transfer our skills and knowledge to your organisation. We have developed key artefacts that accelerate any data process you may have so that we are not starting with a blank sheet of paper.

We ensure your data capabilities are performing to their optimum. We deliver a data strategy that enables you to maximise the exploitation of your data.

How we can help you leverage the power of your data

We offer a range of services designed to help you:

a)    Understand the potential of your data;

b)    Determine exactly what is needed to leverage the power of your data.

Recognising that your organisation is unique, we tailor our approach to your business strategy, structure and where you are on your data journey today.


Leveraging your data to increase business value
Your data contains history of what your business has done as well as knowledge of your clients, products, services, contracts, people, and risks...
Creating a data strategy to support your business goals
A data strategy will help you define how you join up and optimise all the data activities in your organisation to maximise the value they can generate...
Leveraging data as an enabler for business transformation
Business transformation can be substantially more successful when data is a key element of the change. It is the perfect opportunity to fix your data...
Creating, fixing or optimising data teams
A ‘business focussed’ data function is critical to the successful exploitation of data in your organisation. Most organisations have one more data teams exhibiting the following symptoms...
Increasing trust in data at Exec level
Lack of trust on data at Exec level is common and is symptomatic of some key underlying issues. Symptoms include reports with numbers that don’t reconcile...
Creating or optimising your data science capability
Data science can be invaluable to your business. Creating models that give you powerful solutions such as the identification of your most valuable customers, identifying when they might churn...

Some of the companies we have helped

Getting value from data is not easy. Few organisations have designed their processes and systems to enable their data to be leveraged. Instead most have a complex engineering challenge to resolve the data, making it hard to get value from that data quickly. The good news is that it can be done, and be done well. Here we provide some insights to the challenges and opportunities.

DataTick prides itself on its understanding of how to avoid these pitfalls by knowing where to start in the data journey, and how to create business value. DataTick have led data transformations that have supported the delivery of £1bn of incremental revenue per annum, increased margin by 64%.


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