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Data & Analytics can be used to significantly increase your revenues, reduce your costs, reduce your risks, as well as increase your customers and employees experience.

DataTick is a specialist, high performing, Data & Analytics advisory business.

Let’s explore some of the scenarios we can help you with:

Data and analytics can elevate your margin from 5-40%.

DataTick advises boards, private equity, business executives, and data leaders, to use data and analytics as they reach and exceed their organisation’s potential.

A data and analytics strategy ensures your conversion capabilities as activities fully align to support your business goals and KPI’s.

DataTick delivers data and analytics strategies that directly support your business goals, ensuring full transparency of the process. Recognising that your organization is unique, our approach is tailored to your unique business structure based on where you are on your data and analytics journey today.

Data and analytics drive innovation in businesses.

DataTick can deliver a data and analytics strategy that leverages the full capabilities of data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to innovate your business.

Accelerate your data and analytics capabilities and leverage best practice.

DataTick-developed artefacts will accelerate your data and analytics activities and leave your teams more capable of achieving your business goals. Our well-proven, business-focused approach in this area ensures your control over your success as we transfer our skills and knowledge of best practices to your organisation 

A high-performing data and analytics team establishes a data culture in your organisation.

DataTick understands what is required to build a high-performing, business-focussed data and analytics team, and how to engage all aspects of your business to create a data culture.

How We Can Help You Leverage the Power of Your Data

We offer a range of services designed to help you:

a)    Understand the potential of data.

b)    Determine exactly what is needed to leverage the power of your data.

Your unique organisation is unique needs an individualized approach to data and analytics based on your business strategy, structure, and where you are on your journey today.


That’s where we come in.


Identifying the business value in your data and analytics
Your data contains the history of what your business has done as well as knowledge of your clients, products, services, contracts...
Creating your data strategy
We will develop a data and analytics strategy that is relevant to your organisation. It will be focussed on business outcomes ...
Creating the data and analytics element of your business transformation
We will define the data activities to support your business transformation programme to support the business value driven changes...
Increasing trust in data at Exec level
Lack of trust on data at Exec level is common and is symptomatic of some key underlying issues. ...
Coaching & mentoring
Whether you are a board member, senior exec, or data leader coaching and mentoring can help bridge the gap in your confidence or knowledge. We have experienced coaches who can help you in your roles...
Creating or fixing data engineering teams
Whether you are looking to create a new data team, fix an underperforming team or optimise the performance of an existing team DataTick can help...
Creating or optimising your data science capability
Data science can be invaluable to your business. Creating models can give you powerful solutions such as the identification of your most valuable customers, identifying when they...
Creating a data culture
Creating an integrated data-driven culture that seeks to optimise the return on your data, by designing data into the organisation at the point it is collected...

Here are some of the companies DataTick has helped.

Extracting value from data is not easy. Few organisations have successfully designed their processes and systems to enable their data to be leveraged. Instead, most utilize a complex engineering challenge to resolve the data, making it difficult to analyze the value of that data in a timely fashion. The good news is that with the help of DataTick it can be done, and done well.

We thought you’d want more information on what we do and how we do it – so we wrote a book! It’s full of our favourite resources and ideas that can be implemented with useful case studies. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, COO, board member, investor, senior business leader, data and analytics leader, or aspiring data leader, this book has something in it for you. It’s the go-to book for data and analytics in 2022 and beyond.


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