About DataTick

30 years of solid data experience have shaped our DataTick DNA.

30 years of solid data experience as Data Consulants and Chief Data Officer have shaped our DataTick DNA. There are few data problems we haven’t come across before and it’s that experience we bring to you. Simon AsplenTaylor, Founder of DataTick, is included in the 2020 list of the most influential people in data, was shortlisted for data leader of the year 2019, and is a regular author of articles, speaker and chairman at data events. He has held multiple Chief Data Officer roles, and has personally led some of the biggest data transformations in Europe. 


DataTick view of your data

All information used in an organisation should be actionable, accurate, relevant and trusted.

  • Data activities need to be focussed on business outcomes. bridging the gap between business goals and KPIs and your data. Ultimately everything you do with data should drive revenue, reduce costs, reduce risk and increase customer retention.
  • The most successful organisations in their use of data create a data culture across all departments, functions, and geographies.
  • If your data teams are technical rather than business in focus then you’re unlikely to get the value you need.
  • Doing lots of disjointed data activities won’t maximise your value from data. You need a data strategy to join up all the potential data activities as there are so many dependencies.
  • A data strategy needs to be relevant to your organisation. It needs to be focussed on business outcomes, ambitious but not blue sky, it needs to be capable of being turned into an actionable, roadmap.
  • Data requires continuous improvement


DataTick approach

We bring a wealth of experience on the whole data journey from source to business value.

  • We bring experience from multiple industries – Financial Services, Telecoms, Professional Services, Retail, Transport, Media, Healthcare, Real Estate, & Property. There is always another industry that is doing one or several things better than your industry. We believe that cross fertilisation creates new opportunities and competitive advantage not sameness.
  • We use accelerators to get discussions going quicker. We don’t come in with a blank sheet of paper. We believe its quicker to present relevant options and approaches that can be critiqued.
  • We are fully transparent in ways of working and costs, etc.
  • We deliver a data strategy and data capabillities that underpin your business objectives 


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