Single Customer View (SCV) - dull or shiny?
As a seasoned CDO, it seems sometimes that people are too busy chasing shiny new ideas to address the things that are important, hard to do, and that on the surface appear be a little dull. One of those is the Single Customer View (SCV). A SCV is one of the most critical data components in any organisations data strategy. All of the best customer focussed organisations have one. In this blog I’ll take a look at why a SCV is so important.
Why a data strategy matters
In the world of Chief Data Officers there are three groups of people; those that have a data strategy, those that talk about having one, and those that are oblivious to the idea of having one. Of the data strategies I have seen many are sadly lacking and not much better than not having one. Here’s why ...
Making the business case to exploit the value of data
I often get asked the question “Where should I start my data initiative?” So, in this blog I’ve tried to explain how you can get better engagement, more investment and exploit more value from your data initiatives by starting with the business case to generate value.
Understanding where the value of data is found is the cornerstone of any data strategy.
In the previous blog, I looked at making the business case to exploit the value of data in your organisation. This naturally leads us to seek an understanding of where the value is, which is the subject of this blog and a cornerstone of any data strategy.

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