Every year there are many data events. Some good, some not so good. We try to help you choose the events that might be relevant for you.

The best events have good speakers with presentations that are relevant as well as potential suppliers and a chance to meet your peers who may have similar challenges. We’ve identified the events that we think are worth attending and why. We speak at many events and will be sharing that information through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Upcoming Events

9 -10
CDO Network UK
This year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network brings together the most innovative Data Officers in the UK to share their insights and strategies to overcome challenges, gain advantages and plan for the future. Simon Asplen-Taylor, CEO of DataTick, event Chairman and Speaker
23 - 24
Data Leaders Summit Europe
A Data Insight event for Data leaders across Europe focussed on Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists from Europe’s largest companies. Simon Asplen-Taylor, CEO DataTick, Event Speaker
13 - 14
Big Data London
One of the biggest events with 130 technology vendors and consultants, 150 speakers in 9 technical and business-led conference theatres, with panel debates.
19 - 20
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit
One of the most sought after and relevant conferences. With a focus on Data and analytics strategy, AI and machine learning, Self-service data and analytics capabilities, Privacy, security and the GDPR, IoT, Data-driven culture, Customer analytics, Governance and trust, and the role of the chief data officer and chief analytics officer
3 - 4
Data Champions Online Europe
Data & Analytics strategy successes shared live with you online, for free. Data Champions Online will broadcast live the latest learnings from Europe's best and brightest Chief Data Officers and other senior data executives directly into your office, home, tablet or phone

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